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The Indiana Blacksmithing Association was incorporated as a not for profit corporation on May 4, 1981 with the purposes of gathering and disseminating information about blacksmithing, exposing the public to blacksmithing, and encouraging the training of blacksmiths. It follows that same path today. Today, our members hold monthly meetings, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy an ever growing free lending library of books and video tapes related to metal working and blacksmithing. We also operate a store specializing in hard to find items for the blacksmith. Each June we hold a major conference.

In the years since our beginning, we have visited many shops around the state, watched many skilled demonstrations of the craft, and eaten some memorable pitch-in meals. Most of us have picked up the hammer and tongs to try out what we have learned. We will welcome your visit. We think you will see that if you are interested in shaping metal at the forge we are your group. Come join the more than two hundred members who have said, "Yes!"

Our members come from nearly all parts of Indiana and our adjoining states. They come from many occupations. For some this is a business, but for many it is an opportunity to broaden skills in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you like to watch or you work at the craft daily, you will be welcome. Whether you are young or young at heart, you will be welcome. Whether you are a boy or girl, man or woman, you will be welcome. We dress in rough work clothes so we can work, but most importantly we enjoy getting together with others of similar interests. We are an all volunteer organization whose members serve as a large reservoir of knowledge on many subjects. Most of them will be more than happy to help you. One of our objectives is to share our knowledge with others.

Come join us!

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