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On these pages, we celebrate the work and artistry of blacksmiths. If you are a blacksmith, hopefully the work displayed here will inspire you. If you have a cursory interest in blacksmithing, these pages will give you a sense of the breath and beauty of work done by blacksmiths. Perhaps, you want to add some blacksmith work to your home. You may be surprised at the reasonable prices at which you can purchase such work. A good place to do so is the annual IBA conference, held during the first weekend in June in Tipton, IN. Next time, you see a smith demonstrate, just talk to him or her and see what some wheeling and dealing will get you.

Call for contributions. If you have pictures of your own work or that of others, please email them to me. If you would like to say a few things about the images, that would be even better, but is not necessary. See the email address below.

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