3rd Smithing Meeting in Schoenberg, Germany

Below are some photographs of a smithing meeting held in Schoenberg, Germany.

This meeting was held in the town square and as you can tell, it is held rain or shine. The town square is a very busy area, especially in a small town. Several busy stores as well as the visitor's center line the "square." Furthermore, the town square is regularly used by other ordanizations and a market is held once a week. As such, the market place is a common and frequent meeting space.

There are several benefits of holding a smithing meeting in a central space:

  1. We go to the public, instead of asking the public to come to us. This has two benefits: recruitment and customers.
  2. By holding it in a public (market) place the message being sent is that blacksmithing is a relevant craft, not something relegated to the history books.

    Heiko Voss, owner of Feuer, Eiseen und Ideen, the organizer of the meeting.

    The meetings are held, rain or shine, in the town square, which is not always square.

    Doing what smiths are doing.

    Gardenstakes for sale.

    A sculpture for sale.

    An I-Beam modified to receive objects produced at the meeting.
    They will be welded to the platforms and the scuplture will be donated to a public institution.