Indiana Blacksmiths' Forge and Touchmark Directory

If you would like to be included in this directory, please email your information and I'll include it:

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Dominick Andrisani Dominick's Designs in Metal
Robin Antolovich Birdhouse Forge
D.J.Blanton Northwest Iron & Forge DJB
Paul Bray Shade Tree Forge
John Cummins Dog House Forge
Milan Damjanovic
Ken Dettmer Dettmer Forge
Jim Doyle Ring Tail Forge
Kurt Fehrenbach
Joseph Gehl Gehl Forge
Shawn Gilley Gilley's Blacksmith
Joseph E. Godsey Godsey Knives
Aaron Harvey Harvey Forge ASH
Charlie Helton Rocky Hollow Forge
Harry Husby
Max Hoopengarner Blackheart Forge
Jim Keith
Steve King King Forge
George Kutch GK
Doug Moreland End of Nowhere Blacksmith WDM
Doug Neukam and Jim Malone Fire and Anvil Blacksmith Shop F&A
Don Neuenschwander Don's Forge
Jim Perkins Twisted Steel Blacksmithing
Ray Phelps
William Pratt Blue Moon Studios
Clifton Ralph
Justin Salsman Iron Phoenix Forge
Greg Searcy G.Searcy
Ray Sease Snow Flake Forge
Ted Stout Ted's Forge T.Stout
Brad Weaver Howling Buck Forge
David Wells Old Trail Forge DW
John Wendel Grizzlycreek Forge
Michael Wollowski Double Diamond Forge
Robert Wozniak